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  1. Sharp Sight Universal Plate (Plate only - Without Adapter)

    It enables the G-Line adapter to be used with all kinds of smartphones, with or without a protective case.
    Excl. VAT (outside EU): $48.07 Incl. VAT: $58.65
  2. Sharp Sight Full Pack - Everything You Need

    G-line’s Sharp Sight – the original phone-to-scope adapter – lets you see through the scope with your smartphone and take high-quality photos or videos. Basically, Sharp Sight is a rigid, lightweight phone mount that can be easily and quietly attached to your rifle scope or spotting scope. Sharp Sight consists of the Universal Phone Mount which can hold a smartphone with or without a case and the Scope attachment. After assembly, the Scope attachment slides right on to the scope, the smartphone is placed and centered on the Universal Mount and fastened. It is ready to go!

    Excl. VAT (outside EU): $142.61 Incl. VAT: $173.99
  3. Sharp Sight (Adapter Only)

    The G-Line Smart Shoot Adapter lets you look through the scope on your smartphone and take high quality pictures or videos. The basic principle of G-line smart shoot adapter is that you can connect your smartphone with your rifle scope. The mounting system lets you attach your smartphone quickly and silently. G-line Smart Shoot Adapter consists of an adapter and a plate for your smartphone with or without case.To get started, just attach the adapter to your scope, slide your phone into the holder, fasten it, and you are set.

    Excl. VAT (outside EU): $115.78 Incl. VAT: $141.25
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3 Item(s)