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These Terms and Conditions of the G-line online store are governed and construed in accordance with the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) and international codes of electronic conduct.

The G-line online store is owned and operated by the company Griffing d.o.o., which is also the provider of the e-services.

The Terms and Conditions set down the operating of the G-line website, the rights and obligations of the user and the store, and govern the business relationship between the provider and the client.

The user is bound by the Terms and Conditions from the moment the online order is submitted.

When submitting an order, the user is reminded every time of the Terms and Conditions and accepts them by submitting the order.

Insofar as the rights of the consumer are not clear from the Terms and Conditions detailed below, the rights are subject to the provisions of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act.


Rakitnica 41
SI-1331 Dolenja vas, SLOVENIA
Company Reg. No.: 3800067
VAT Reg. No.: SI21429383


The provider shall always ensure access to the following information to the buyer:
1. the identity of the company (name and address of the company, registration number),
2. contact information that allows the user quick and effective communication (e-mail, phone number),
3. the main characteristics of goods or services (including post-sale services and warranties),
4. availability of products (each item or service offered in the online store should be available in a reasonable time),
5. delivery conditions for items or service conditions (manner, place and time of delivery),
6. the price, which shall not be ambiguous and shall clearly indicate whether taxes and shipment costs are included,
7. payment and delivery mode,
8. the validity period of the offer,
9. the deadline and conditions for withdrawing an order, including information on whether and how much returning an item will cost the buyer,
10. details on the procedure for filing complaints, including information on the contact or the customer relations office.


Due to the nature of internet commerce, the products offered in the online store are updated and changed regularly and quickly.

The prices are presented as Regular prices. Regular prices are the manufacturer-suggested retail prices or the prices set by the provider.


A purchase agreement is in force from the moment the provider sends the buyer the first electronic notification on the status of the buyer’s order (the subject containing the words: potrditev prejema naročila / order placement confirmed). From this moment, all the prices and other conditions are fixed and constitute an obligation both for the provider and the buyer.


The provider offers the following payment options:
• bank transfer to the account of Griffing d.o.o. based on a quotation/pro forma invoice,
• credit card (Mastercard, Activa, Visa, American Express),
• online payment with Paypal.


The invoice is issued to the buyer at delivery of the ordered item(s). The invoice defines the elements of the price and all the costs related to the purchase.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to check whether the contents of the invoice are correct and notify the seller of possible mistakes within eight days of receiving the invoice. The provider is not liable to consider complaints received after this deadline.


The prices are offered equally to all users of the G-line online store. All prices include VAT unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The prices are valid at the moment of submitting the order and have no validity duration set in advance.

The price list may be subject to change without prior notice.


A package is a joint order of two or more items. During the purchase procedure, the system offers other items and related savings. Special savings are offered for additional items within a package, which are shown in the shopping cart before the order is submitted.


A consumer (applicable only to natural persons purchasing items for non-commercial use) has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement by notifying the seller of this within 30 days of receiving the item(s) without having to state the reasons for the decision. This period starts one day after the goods have been received.

The consumer must notify the seller of the withdrawal via e-mail to

In case of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer must return or send the item(s) back (by post) to the seller’s address: Rakitnica 41, SI-1331 Dolenja vas, Slovenia.

The product must be returned to the seller undamaged and in original condition and quantity, except if the product was destroyed, broken, lost or reduced in quantity outside of the consumer’s liability. The consumer may not use goods freely before the withdrawal from the contract. The consumer may examine and test the item(s) to the extent that is necessary to determine the condition of the goods. Testing an item beyond this is construed as use, whereby the consumer loses the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement.

The only cost of the consumer pertaining to a withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the goods (which in case of shipping is charged based on the regular prices of the dispatcher and depends on the shipment/package/cargo). The goods must be returned to the seller within 14 days of the notification of withdrawal from the purchase agreement.

The consumer has no right to withdraw from the purchase agreement for items that have been custom made or adjusted for the consumer, according to his or her needs, for items that are not suitable for return by nature, for perishables and items over expiry date.

Received payments will be returned as soon as possible but within 7 days from receiving the returned goods at the latest. To ensure certainty, accuracy and timeliness of the refund and correct records of payments, the return of the purchase price to the buyer may only be carried out via bank transfer to the buyer’s account. Cash refunds are not possible.

In exceptional cases of returns not pursuant the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the consumer may be offered a buy-back with appropriate compensation set in a written record upon return of the goods. Such a buy-back at reduced price must be confirmed by the consumer via e-mail. The consumer may only use the compensation when ordering another equal or higher priced item.

The provider also offers return and exchange of goods. If an item should not meet the buyer’s expectations, it may be exchanged for another item of equal value.

The right to return and exchange or a refund under warranty or due to a manufacturing error is governed in more detail by the Consumer Protection Act.


Items have warranty when so stated on their warranty certificate or invoice. Warranty is only valid when the instructions on the warranty certificate had been followed and when the invoice is provided. Warranty duration and deadlines are defined on the certificate or invoice.

The information on warranty is also included in the web presentation of the product. If there is no information on warranty in the presentation, the product has no warranty or the staus in unknown at the time. In this case, the buyer may contact the provider, who shall ensure the latest information.


The provider’s contract partner for shipping is Pošta Slovenije, however, the provider reserves the right to choose another carrier if this will improve the efficiency of the delivery.


The provider uses the appropriate technological and organisational means to ensure the security of the transfer and storing of personal data and payments.


The provider promises to permanently protect all personal data of the user in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1).

The provider may store the following personal data for an indefinite period of time: name and surname, e-mail address, contact phone number, primary address and shipping address(es), country of residence, time and date of registration and an archive of communication with the provider.

The provider shall use the personal data exclusively to service the order (sending informative material, quotations and invoices) and other necessary communication.

The user’s data shall in no case be handed over to unauthorised persons.

The user is also responsible for protecting their own data by ensuring the security of their username and password, and appropriate software (antivirus) protection of their computer.


G-line will contact the user through means of remote communication only if the user has not explicitly expressed their will against this.


Reviews, assessments and recommendations written by buyers are part of the online store’s functionality and serve the entire user community.

The provider enables all users of the online store to write their comments, but G-line will review them before final publication. G-line will not publish comments and posts that are offensive or inappropriate in any way, and that G-line deems of no use to other users and visitors.

By submitting a review or comment, the user agrees with the terms of use of their review or comment and allows G-line to publish parts of the text or its entirety in any electronic and other marketing communication. The author of the post further states and ensures that they own the material and moral copyright to the review or comment and that they transfer these rights non-exclusively and without time limitations to G-line.


The provider shall do its best to ensure website information is up-to-date and correct. Nevertheless, the characteristics of products, delivery times and prices may change faster than the provider is able to update the information on the website. In this case, the provider will notify the buyer of the changes and allow them a withdrawal from the order or a change of ordered goods.

The provider assumes no responsibility for the content of the reviews of goods written by website visitors. G-line will review the posts before publication and reject the ones containing obvious falsehoods and the ones that are inappropriate, deceiving or offensive. G-line assumes no liability for the information provided in the comments or any responsibility that may arise from such information.

The provider may only withdraw from the purchase agreement in case a crucial error has been found (under Article 46 of the Slovenian Code of Obligations). Crucial errors are defined as essential characteristics of a subject or item and all the errors that are deemed decisive in normal commercial conduct or related to the aim of the client, and mean the contract would not have been approved or finalised, had the provider been aware of them.

The provider reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and in any way, regardless of the reasons and without prior notice.


The provider respects the relevant consumer protection legislation. The provider shall try its best to fulfil its obligation to set up an effective system of processing complaints and choose a person a buyer can contact by phone or e-mail in case problems should arise. Complaints are submitted via e-mail to The processing of the complaint is confidential.

The provider is aware that the main feature of consumer disputes is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the time needed and costs that may arise in resolving the dispute, which is also the main obstacle for the consumer not to take the dispute to court. This is why the provider shall strive to resolve any dispute in consensus.

These Terms and Conditions are valid as of 20 May 2014.