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About us

About us

A family business has also been something that a family can do together. This father and son duo had had there machining business for over 40 years. They strived together to be the best that they can be and to produce high-quality products.

Both father and son had another thing in common other than the machine shop. It hunting in the woods nearby and shooting at the range. The biggest problem they had was showing their experiences either in the woods or at the range.

They found out about a phone to scope products on the internet and decided to try it out. They were disappointed in the poor quality of the product so put their heads together to create a product that the can really use.

That is when they designed and built the Sharp Sight. It was the high-quality phone-to-scope adapter that they need to withstand their adventures.

After sometime share their photos and videos with the friends and family, along with sharing them on social media, they realised all benefits of a phone-to-scope adapter. That is when father and son started selling there creation and of course producing Sharp Sight to make sure that each one is built to the highest quality.