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Sharp Sight (Adapter Only)

Quick Overview

The G-Line Smart Shoot Adapter lets you look through the scope on your smartphone and take high quality pictures or videos. The basic principle of G-line smart shoot adapter is that you can connect your smartphone with your rifle scope. The mounting system lets you attach your smartphone quickly and silently. G-line Smart Shoot Adapter consists of an adapter and a plate for your smartphone with or without case.To get started, just attach the adapter to your scope, slide your phone into the holder, fasten it, and you are set.

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Excl. VAT (outside EU): $115.78 Incl. VAT: $141.25


With G-Line you can capture videos and photos of your shooting and hunting adventures with your smartphone!

G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter is designed for hunting, shooting sports and airsoft. Take high-quality photos or videos, and easily share them with your friends and family via email or social media.

Quick, silent and simple to use

The G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter's mounting system allows it to be attached to your scope quickly and silently. Simply screw the plate on the adapter and then screw the adapter on your scope. It also enables placing a phone on eye-relief distance. Once attached to the scope, all the adapter needs is a smartphone and your imagination. Adjusting the focus is quick and easy! Easy to install thanks to a cylindrical focus - you'll be ready to take videos and photos right away.

Elegant, safe and environmentally friendly

The G-LINE Smart Shoot Adapter was designed to be a high quality, environmentally-friendly, and lightweight accessory for your hunting and shooting adventures. The adapter is made primarily of aircraft aluminium with some stainless steel and high-strength plastic components to improve performance. The adapter blends seamlessly with your rifle and scope, making camouflage and quiet movement simple. Rugged, and can be used with the largest calibers - it has been tested and proven on rifles up to .50 BMG.

For almost any rifle scope on the market


There are two different types of G-line smart shoot adapter:

- SSA 38-46 is suitable for rifle scope the eyepiece cylindrical shape with a diameter 38-46mm
- SSA 46-52 is suitable for rifle scope the eyepiece cylindrical shape with a diameter of 46-52mm

This basically means that you can use the G-line smart shoot adapter on almost any rifle scope currently available on the market. The only scopes on which the adapter won’t fit are the ones, who do not have a perfect cylindrical ocular – meaning they have buttons or some uneven surface with bulks or something similar. Because of it’s shape, the adapter can only be screwed on a perfect cylindrical shaped scope oculars.