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How to make amazing sharp photos, videos or even live videos on your facebook and instagram with your rifle scope. Sharp Sight is the original phone to scope adapter which allows you to do just that.

Solid, Swift, Silent… comes from Simplicity

Simplicity allows a solid feel.
European engineering gives G-line’s Smart Shoot Adapter a rigidness one can only expect from a quality product.

Simplicity enables swift attachment.
The scope connecter allows a swift attachment to capture those marvelous moments.

Simplicity provides silent use.
The design of both the Scope connecter and phone mount grants virtual silence while attaching or detaching.


G-line’s Smart Shoot Adapter is compatibility is second to none. The Universal Phone Mount can handle virtually any phone on the market even in its protective case and at only a fraction of the cost of a digital scope.

Document the Journey/ Point. Shoot. Share.

Add G-line’s Smart Shoot Adapter today to start recording your story. Upload pictures and videos of all the successes and follies to share with friends and family, to learn or to teach, and also to flaunt that bullseye.


Using the larger digital screen will improve visibility. It gives you a constant clear view through the scope. It will not strain your eyes in scope or cause tiredness. And no new application download is necessary. You can just use the phones camera application to record every moment.


Truly enjoy your hunting experiences over and over again with this perfect enhancement. Record a perfect hit effortlessly with G-line’s Smart Shoot Adapter so that adrenaline filled experience can be relived repeatedly and with friends and family.


Upgrade your rifle with mobile phone

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G-line reviewed by famous German hunting blog

G-line reviewed by famous German hunting blog

G-line Smart Shoot Adapter has just been revieved again and this time by famous German hunting blog

G-Line Universal Smarthphone Plate

G-Line Universal Smarthphone Plate

With specialised G-Line phone plate we were able to cover just some of smart phone models and brands leaving quite a lot of models unsupported.

Testing G-Line Smart Shoot Adapter with .50 caliber rifle

Testing G-Line Smart Shoot Adapter with .50 caliber rifle

Seeing great performance of G-Line Smart Shoot Adapter on »regular« rifles, the G-Line team got their game up with testing G-Line adapter on .50 caliber rifle.